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Gel Power Insoles

  • The Synxgeli Gel Power Insoles are ideal to cushion, protect and relieve the soft tissue and joints of the foot against impact.

    • Specifically designed to cushion, protect and relieve the soft tissue and joints of the foot against impact
    • Softer and thicker for comfort and shock absorption
    • Optimal cushioning, protection and relief during sporting and physical activities
    • Shock absorption and cushioning of the heel and arch area
    • Strength and stability under the arch of the foot
    • Should you require more support or alignment of your body we would highly recommend the Synxsole Everyday or Kids insoles


    Made from premium materials including:

    • Polyurethane (PU) foam
    • Polyurethane (PU) gel
    • Thermoplastic urethane (TPU)


    • Please be advised that no liability is accepted for inappropriate use of the insole
    • Synxgeli Gel Power Insoles are not custom made and therefore may not be suitable for all foot types and needs
    • Any modifications to the product may void any warranty
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      S5 – 7.54 – 6.534 – 3837 - 393–55-6
      M8 – 10.57–938 – 4239 – 436 – 87 - 10
      L> 10.5> 9> 42> 43> 8> 10
    • To clean your Synxsole orthotics, we recommend:

      • Using either a eucalyptus or tea tree foot spray or wipe them gently with a damp cloth
      • Do not saturate the orthotic or immerse it in water
      • NEVER put your Synxsole orthotic in the washing machine or dryer

      Other care instructions:

      • Keep dry at all times
      • If they get wet, leave to air dry
      • Keep away from direct heat and sunlight
      • Please, don’t bend or fold