Here at SynxBody, we are passionate about your overall health which begins with your foundations… your intricate feet!

If we experience foot pain or injury it can prevent us from living full and active lives.

Our SynxBody products are designed to care for your feet and body the way they should be, so you can be the best you can be– strong, healthy and vital. Whether you’re a weekend walker, a social golfer, or an ultra-marathon runner, with SynxBody’s range of innovative solutions, there’s no need to suffer with discomfort any longer.

SynxBody means staying ahead of the game and being proactive to keep your body in sync (or as we like to say ‘in synx)!

We live and breathe our mantra...

    • Customer comes first
    • Bend the rules
    • Go above and beyond
    • Be all-embracing
    • Positive vibes
    • Kindness always

Our Story

Footcare developed by podiatrists.

SynxBody was founded in 2011 by two Australian podiatrists who sought to make footcare solutions affordable and accessible to everyone. In 2015, the fledgling company provedits vision and innovation on the entrepreneurial TV show Shark Tank, receiving the investment they needed to enter the retail market with their game-changing patented insole design.

After successfully launching into the Australian market, SynxBody has never looked back, and has grown steadily to include a full range of affordable, high-quality footcare products for the Australian and global markets.

Our SynxBody range has been developed by our CEO Rachael Ferguson who understands biomechanics and theim portance of supporting your muscles and joints throughout your whole life and not just when you experience pain.

From no-tie elasticised laces to gel cushions, slimline orthotics and the 100% Australian made natural pain relief cream Synxeaze – an innovation in natural pain relief. SynxBody is the go-to name for professional footcare products in Australia.

“When your foundation is stable and functioning well, you’re well on the
way to wellness. And that’s what we want, for every body”

– Rachael Ferguson CEO of SynxBody.

Healthy feet, healthy body.

Your whole body health is important to us. We understand the challenges that people with chronic pain or conditions face ona daily basis. It starts from the ground up.

We get it. No two people are the same. Our answer to this is simple, and often you’ll need to try different products and treatments, or complementary options to find what works best for you and your body. We are here for the whole journey,and we’ll continue to create and innovate products that assist you along your road to wellness.

Our aim is to optimise the biomechanics of your feet, ankles, knees and back to ensure your entire body is working efficiently.