Why Choose Synxsole?

Revolutionary orthotic

Synxsole orthotics have been designed and developed by two Australian podiatrists who have over 30 years of combined experience in orthotics and human biomechanics. The Synxsole creators are passionate about delivering a new level of comfort for people on the

Synxsole orthotics are premium consumer and practitioner orthotics that provide support, shock absorption and comfort to help realign the foot and lower limb and ease pain.

The innovative and revolutionary Synxsole design allows these orthotics to be amongst the slimmest, most supportive range of devices available. Synxsole orthotics are incredibly lightweight, yet are by far one of the most durable temporary orthotics in the retail market.

Design Features

Synxsole combines the latest technologies in its revolutionary design.

synxsole orthotic infographic
child with synxsole kids orthotics
Supporting you from the ground up

Patented two-piece design - featuring the Met Roll Bar allows Synxsole orthotics to be supportive, lightweight and slim.

Met roll bar - provides extra stability in the device so that it lasts longer.

Slimline - slim and supportive, the Synxsole orthotic can fit into a full range of footwear, from industry-compliant footwear and women’s fashion shoes to trendy sporting shoes and boots.

Supportive low arch - allows your foot’s arch to pass through its normal range of motion and provides control without excessive bulk.

Reduced bulk - our innovative design reduces the bulk usually associated with orthotics.

Cut-to-size embossed guidelines - embossed markings make it easy to trim your orthotic for an accurate and perfect fit. Find easy cut-to-size instructions here.

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Healthy feet, healthy body.

Anti-slip cover - we have selected a cover material that reduces foot slippage within the shoe and maximises comfort.

Anti-microbial cover - the anti-microbial properties of the cover material provide increased hygiene.

Durable - Synxsole orthotics are constructed from premium materials for an optimum lifespan.

Affordable - Synxsole orthotics provide a high-quality, affordable solution.

Fully customisable - Synxsole Kids and Synxsole Adults consumer orthotics have been designed for maximum effectiveness directly out of the box. However, if required, our design has the added benefit of providing customers the option of taking their Synxsole orthotic to a registered healthcare practitioner and have it easily customised according to their specific, personal needs.

Why choose Synxsole Orthotics?

Because ultimately, your feet and your body will thank you!