Jessica Gomes
Our Customers

“I have been wearing Synxsole insoles for 2 years and they have completely changed my life! I used to have really uncomfortable orthotics and couldn’t fit them in my shoes so I was amazed when I could start wearing Synxsole orthotics all the time. One very happy customer!”

Carol, WA. 

 "I have tried many other brands of consumer orthotics and Synxsole beats them all hands down. These are well designed, easy to cut to size and so comfortable to walk on. They are a fantastic alternative for those who can't afford custom orthotics. The customer service from the Synxsole website is second to none. My feet thank you Rachael and Marie!"

-Danielle H, VIC. 

“I used to suffer from heel pain and since wearing Synxsole my heel pain has vanished. I feel like a new woman!”

-Kate, WA. 

“I am a triathlete who was struggling with shin splints when running for the past year. I started wearing Synxsole orthotics 6 months ago and am now running without any shin pain. I feel great!”

-Robert, WA. 

“My daughter had been complaining of pains in her knees for years. After wearing Synxsole inserts, all the pains have stopped! She wears them all the time and certainly knows all about it if she forgets to put them in her shoes. The best part was they didn’t cost a fortune”

-Sarah, WA.

“I have been wearing Synxsole orthotics for the last year after having sudden knee pains when walking and going up stairs. I really can’t believe the difference! I have not had any knee pain since I started wearing them and I am now exercising more then ever”

-Jane, WA. 

“I can’t believe how comfortable my Synxsole orthotics are! I don’t even know when I’m wearing them. I am so pleased with them I now have three pairs for different shoes of mine”

-Nicole, WA. 

“After my son was diagnosed with Sever's disease, we didn’t think he would be able to finish the football season. But after wearing Synxsole orthotics he is finally back playing the sport he loves and we are all very happy”

-Graham, WA.