Foam Heel Grips
Foam Heel Grips
Foam Heel Grips
Foam Heel Grips

Foam Heel Grips

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Foam heel grips designed to protect heels from rubbing causing blisters, and slipping out of shoes.

Synxgeli Foam Heel Grips are a back of the heel solution that is lightweight and breathable. Stop your shoes from slipping off your feet and add additional comfort to your daily walk with these heel grips.

  • Ideal for blister prevention.
  • Keeps your heels from slipping out of shoes.
  • Stops heels rubbing on shoes.
  • Assists by adding a layer to shoes that are slightly too big.
  • Provides shock absorption for your heels.

The self-adhesive backing makes Synxgeli Foam Heel Grips a convenient option.


  • Remove paper backing from heel grip.
  • Place the grip adhesive side down to the back of the shoe and press firmly.
  • Allow to set for a few hours before use.