Recover & Revive Bundle
Recover & Revive Bundle
Recover & Revive Bundle
Recover & Revive Bundle
Recover & Revive Bundle
Recover & Revive Bundle
Recover & Revive Bundle
Recover & Revive Bundle

Recover & Revive Bundle

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Deep tissue massage helps you recover faster and relieve pain naturally. Perfect for boosting circulation, relieving tension, reducing stress, and improving sleep. Complement your regimen with our Magnesium Recovery Spray, it’s perfect companion for quick relief from muscle cramps and soreness.

t ready to experience the ultimate relaxation and recovery with our Dream Bundle. 

Pack contains:

RelaxaPulse Portable Deep Roll Vibrating Massage Roller : 

The RelaxaPulse Vibrating Massage Roller from SynxPlus is a compact and powerful rotating portable body massager.  The tri-directional and unique textured design works together to loosen tight muscle bands and trigger points, boosting circulation and assisting in muscle recovery.

Benefits of using the Relaxapulse vibrating massage roller 

  • Release tight muscles and tension: Experience relief from tight muscles and tension, promoting flexibility and comfort. 
  • Boost circulation: The pulsating action stimulates blood flow, enhancing circulation and nutrient delivery to muscles. 
  • Reduce stress: Ease stress and unwind as the RelaxaPulse soothes your muscles and calms your mind. 
  • Improve relaxation and sleep: Incorporate the device into your bedtime routine for a relaxing massage that may contribute to improved sleep quality. 

Can be used to relieve tension in the following areas:

  • Plantar fascia & foot: Alleviate discomfort and tension in the feet. 
  • Lower back: Address tightness and discomfort in the lower back. 
  • Hip & sciatica: Provide relief to the hips and alleviate sciatic nerve-related discomfort. 
  • Shoulders & upper back: Loosen tight muscles in the shoulders and upper back. 
  • Achilles & ankle: Target tension in the Achilles tendon and ankles. 
  • Knee & hip tightness: Improve flexibility and reduce tightness in the knees and hips. 
  • Shin splints: Alleviate discomfort associated with shin splints. 
  • Tight calves & hamstrings: Enhance flexibility and relieve tightness in the calves and hamstrings.


  • Massager shell: Polyoxymethylene (POM)
  • Cover: Silicone
  • Battery: Lithium

Risk free trial & warranty

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. That's why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction is our priority. We also have a 12 month warranty on the device.

Instruction manual

You can view the instruction manual via clicking this link.

Synxeaze Magnesium Recovery Spray :

Magnesium Recovery Spray is a must have item for the bathroom cabinet. Proudly Australian made, our Magnesium Recovery Spray for muscles and joints is a 100% plant based formula.  Can be used daily to help active people maintain flexible and relaxed muscles all year round.

Ideal for:

  • Tired & sore muscles
  • Cramps
  • Aching joints


Contains magnesium chloride, purified water, arnica extract, menthol, peppermint and eucalyptus oils.


  • Shake well before use. 
  • Spray 2-4 times over muscles and joints, massaging until absorbed by the skin.
  • Once absorbed, you may notice a white residue on the skin, which is dried magnesium salts.  This may be wiped off with a dry towel.
  • Store below 30 degrees.