synxplus shoe cleaning brush
synxplus shoe cleaning brush with shoe cleaner foam
synxplus shoe cleaner foam, keep kicks clean, shoes, sneakers
synxplus shoe cleaner brush, keep kicks clean, shoes, sneakers

Shoe Cleaning Brush

Sale price$4.99 AUD
Brush away dirt and shine up your shoes with this brush that's firm yet gentle to delicate shoes and materials.

Get your shoes looking fresh and clean with our brand new Synxplus shoe cleaning brush. Use this shoe cleaning brush with our Synxplus Shoe Cleaning Foam for exceptional results.

The brush is firm enough to give a deep clean, but still gentle on the most delicate of shoes and materials.

Use it to brush away dirt, both from regular canvas, leather and suede shoes. It can also be used to brush up the shoe cream to remove excess and build shine on your favourite shoes.

This little wonder brush is also included in our Shoe Care Bundle!  Grab one now to take good care of your shoes.

Clean, polish, shine, and protect your shoes with our Synxplus shoe care line.