PRAC | Synxsole PRO Kids Orthotics
PRAC | Synxsole PRO Kids Orthotics

PRAC | Synxsole PRO Kids Orthotics

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We have developed the Synxsole® Pro Kids orthotic to help support your junior patient through the changes their growing feet endure.

Synxsole® Pro Kids orthotic is the professional version of our retail Synxsole® Kids device. Made with firmer materi-als, Synxsole® Pro Kids is stronger, more durable and provides greater support for your little patient and their needs. Due to the increased stability and durability, it is much easier to alter and adjust than the softer retail versions and will provide control and support for longer. It is unlike any orthotic on the market.

With its uniquely moulded two-part, slimline design, Synxsole® Pro Kids supports a full range of activities and fits into a wide variety of footwear including school, casual and sporting shoes.

Our specially selected materials provide optimal cushioning and support for your patient’s feet to effectively manage many common conditions including Sever’s disease, growing pains, knee pain, arch pain, heel pain and leg pain.


  • Higher-density device – Materials selected to increase durability and stability of the device. It is also easier to adjust and respond better to our Synx-Rx® range.
  • Shock Absorbing – Materials selected to increase comfort and shock absorption whilst maintaining flexibility.
  • Slimline Design – Reduced thickness/bulk. Allows the orthotic to fit into a wider range of footwear.
  • Anti-slip Cover – Reduces slip within the shoe and maximises comfort.
  • Cut to Size – Trim for an accurate fit into your footwear. Cut to Fit instructions
  • Low arch height – Allows the arch of the foot to pass through its normal range of motion.
  • Antimicrobial Material – Selected for optimum hygiene.
  • Inconspicuous – plain, dark colouring to reduce any anxiety a self-conscious child might experience; just like the grown-ups wear.


Synxsole® prefabricated orthotics are made from the highest grade materials. Please be advised that no liability is accepted for inappropriate use of the orthotic. Synxsole® orthotics are not custom made and therefore may not be suitable for all foot types and needs. Please consult your healthcare professional should there be any issues. Any modifications to the product may void any warranty.