Hiking – Stepping out into the great outdoors

Hiking – Stepping out into the great outdoors

Here at SynxBody, we love getting outdoors and making the most of Australia’s amazing weather and hiking trails!
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Here at SynxBody, we love getting outdoors and making the most of Australia’s amazing weather and hiking trails!

One of our favourite things to do is head off on a hike! Our head office is based in Perth, Western Australia and while Perth might not be well known for its hiking, with its huge open spaces, expansive hills and valleys, it sure is home to some beautiful hiking trails with varying levels of difficulty.

Hiking is an awesome low-impact activity that you can do alone, with a friend, partner or even with the kids and dogs!

Whether you are starting out or are an old hand at hiking, you should ensure your feet are in optimal shape. They are after all, doing most of the work and it is difficult to go far with painful feet.

Make sure your footwear fits comfortably, provides good traction, and has good support for your feet and ankles. Make sure to lace your shoes correctly, trim your toenails and wear cotton breathable socks.

No one wants sore, painful feet after a hike but when you’re starting out, it can be a common occurrence as your feet get used to new movements, but there are some things you can do to help ease these initial aches and pains.

Here are our favourite podiatrist recommended tips for you:

  • Epsom Salt Baths: this can help relieve tired and aching muscles.
  • Foot Massage: if you can con a friend into giving you a foot massage go for it…. If you’re not so lucky try a massage ball or golf ball to gently roll under the arch of your foot and calf muscles. This helps to improve circulation and reduces muscle fatigue.
  • Ice bucket or frozen water bottle: your feet can often swell after a hike, use an ice bucket or frozen water bottle to help relieve the swelling. Then slip on a pair of Synxplus Foot & Ankle Compression Sleeves, which are great at reducing swelling.
  • Dry needling: our muscles can trigger or spasm during activity and releasing these tight muscles through dry needling can provide instant pain relief!
  • We recommend using Synxsole Everyday Insoles for arch support and to relieve muscle stress.

  • Last but not least, keep hydrated during and after your hike. This is vital for your joints and muscles too!

It is also important to be prepared during your hike. Pack some footcare products like gel products, tape and Band-Aids in the event you develop any pain points during your hike. We recommend you take a small rest and try and make your feet comfortable rather than pushing through.

Here are some great hiking trails around Perth that you should check out:

  • Araluen Botanic Park in Roleystone
  • Lake Leschenaultia in Chidlow
  • John Brooke Walk in John Forrest National Park
  • Butterflies, Birds & Bridges Walk in Canning River Park
  • Bibbulmun Track, Albany to Kalamunda
  • Kitty’s Gorge, Jarrahdale
  • Baldwin’s Bluff Trail, Serpentine National Park

Want to learn even more about hiking? Listen to the Australian Hiking podcast on your favourite podcast app.

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