Spotlight on Magnesium: Benefits for your Body

Spotlight on Magnesium: Benefits for your Body

Magnesium is an essential mineral needed by every cell in your body, and is important for many metabolic functions and bodily processes, however many of us don't get our daily recommended intake. Check out our tips on how to incorporate magnesium into your daily life, and our favourite Synxplus products to avoid painful cramping. 
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Picture this: it’s Tuesday night, you’re tucked in bed after a long day at the office, and all of a sudden...disaster strikes. A spasm of pain shoots through your left foot. Your muscles begin to uncomfortably seize, your toes feel like they’re stuck in place, and as the seconds tick by, you consider chopping your foot off, 127-Hours style, in a last-ditch attempt to make the pain stop.

Foot cramps, are we right? There really isn’t anything worse.  

Whilst it might seem like we’re being dramatic, muscle cramping affects many Australians and negatively impacts their day-to-day lives. If reading the above scenario triggered any (literally) painful memories, you could be deficient in magnesium! Giveaway signs of a magnesium deficiency are muscle cramps and aches, tingling and numbness in the feet, and headaches.

Magnesium is an essential mineral needed by every cell in your body, and is important for many metabolic functions and bodily processes including:

  • Regulating muscle and nerve function
  • Maintaining blood sugar and blood pressure levels
  • Building important proteins like DNA

This means, the higher your magnesium = the lower the chance of foot cramps! Hooray!



It’s recommended for adult men to consume 400 to 420 milligrams of magnesium per day, and for women to consume a slightly lower amount of 310 to 320 milligrams. However,  roughly 60% of Australians don’t get enough daily magnesium through their diets.

So, just how do you increase your magnesium intake? Well, think no more, because we have the answers! All you need to do is incorporate a few of these magnesium-rich foods into your diet:

  • Leafy green vegetables 
  • Legumes
  • Nuts, seeds and whole grains
  • Tofu
  • Avocados
  • Bananas

Taking magnesium supplements does the job perfectly too! However, it’s important to consult your GP prior to taking these to determine the adequate intake for your individual health needs.

Unfortunately, it can take a while to see results from upping your dietary intake of magnesium. We know, waiting for the magnesium to kick in to reduce cramping is totally frustrating. However, what if we told you there was a quick way for you to ease cramping and improve blood circulation? 

This is where SynxBody comes in to save the day with our  Synxplus Foot & Ankle Compression Sleeves! These Class 2 Compression Stockings are designed to reduce cramping, pain and swelling by providing feet and ankles with firm compression, and can be worn from day to night. Simply slide a pair of these superhero sleeves on, pop some magnesium pills and say good riddance to those nasty foot cramps.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not, and here’s something EVEN better. Enter code MAGNESIUM2020 at SynxBody’s checkout to receive 20% off your next  Synxplus Foot & Ankle Compression Sleeve purchase!  Please note: this discount code is only valid from Wednesday 23rd September to Tuesday 30th September. 

Better foot health is only a step away with SynxBody.


Hear more from CEO of SynxBody, Rachael Ferguson, in our YouTube clip below. 

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