Supportive Shoes for Women and Men

Finding a suitable model of supportive shoes doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are a number of options to find comfortable shoes that also look good, but more importantly feel good too!  See our top 4 favourite supportive shoes in this blog.

Let’s be honest – supportive shoes have had a daggy reputation in the past. But not anymore!

Modern brands are now offering fashionable, cool, and supportive shoes that really help your health in several ways. 

And while supportive shoes are often recommended for people with certain health conditions, everyone should be wearing the most supportive shoes possible every day or for each activity.

Finding a suitable model of supportive shoes doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are a number of options to find comfortable shoes that also look good, but more importantly feel good too!

Benefits of wearing supportive shoes

Why wear supportive shoes? Well, the benefits are vast and can be life changing. From prevention through to cure, the right shoe can really make a difference to your health and quality of life.

As Aussies, we do like to wear thongs quite a lot! And squeezing our feet into high heels for the whole day or night is also not uncommon for women around the world! But this type of shoe should really be worn only for short periods of time.

You’ll really notice a difference when you switch to wearing predominantly supportive shoes. Thankfully we’ve found three brands to show you how first-hand the many benefits they have. 

  1. Feel stable and balanced

Supportive shoes offer stability and balance by distributing pressure under the foot more evenly. The orthotic insoles can offer arch support and eliminate excessive pronation. 

  1. Improved Circulation

Another significant benefit of supportive footwear is improved circulation. Uncomfortable footwear can lead to circulatory problems, whereas supportive shoes can promote sufficient blood flow in the legs.

Besides helping your feet feel less cramped, supportive shoes also offer better airflow. 

  1. Less Pain

Supportive footwear can assist to prevent or alleviate many foot problems.

So, if you suffer from ankle, joint, knees, or back pain, get yourself some supportive shoes quick smart! 

  1. Sporting advantage 

Running and high-cut shoes provide arch support to protect your body and improve your performance. They will also absorb the shock of hitting the ground, so your body doesn’t have to work as hard to deal with it. That also comes in handy as excellent injury prevention. So, make sure you invest in the right shoes for your activity. 

  1. Promotes natural body alignment

Proper alignment starts from the feet and works its way up to the rest of the body.

Unsupportive shoes (such as thongs or high heels) simply don’t offer enough support to help keep the foot in alignment. As a result, wearing them for too long in most cases, leads to pain in the back, knees, and joints.

Supportive shoes can provide proper alignment and support for joints and ankles.

Supportive shoes for men and women

Here are four brands that we know and love, and recommend for their supportive and fashionable shoes depending on the activity.

- Bared

Bared make great looking, super-comfy shoes. Their shoes have a cushioned footbed which provides all-day support. The arch shape is designed to aid foot function and reduce pressure on the heel, while the heel cup cradles the heel providing next-level support.

Bared have a focus on sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing, and their entire range is carefully-crafted with support features to look after your feet, most of which you can’t even see!

Visit their website or .

- Frankie 4

Frankie 4 have their Sole Hero™ brand which enables soft support in every FRANKiE4 shoe.

These supportive shoes can help with heel pain (like plantar fasciitis), arch pain and forefoot pain, and have the sole (pardon the pun) aim to create a healthier foundation for the feet.

These shoes will give you better lower limb alignment and solid shock absorption.

They also have a focus on sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing.

Visit their website or Facebook.

- Archies

Archies shoes specialise in thongs with arch support and whilst thongs have their limitations when worn for long periods, and can lead to overuse of muscles and tendons, if you wear thongs that have gentle arch support and are slightly more moulded to your foot than regular flat thongs, you are less likely to develop painful symptoms . Archies offer extra support but with the patented design, they look just like normal thongs. If you insist on wearing thongs for short periods in summer, then we definitely recommend you check these ones out.

Visit their website and Facebook.

- Hoka

Hoka are a brand of running and hiking shoes that have a uniquely innovated midsole, designed to cushion and deflect pressure from the ball of the foot. This type of rocker sole is great for people with limited ankle or first big toe mobility (1st MPJ) or even people who have nerve damage or loss of ankle function when running and walking. Runners’ love using HOKA shoes as they also help to redistribute pressure and can greatly assist in reducing symptoms when lower back pain, knee pain and ankle pain symptoms are affecting the ability to run and walk pain-free.

Visit their website and Facebook.


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