Synxsole are Proud to Support Movember

Synxsole are Proud to Support Movember

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Our fathers, husbands, brothers, partners and friends are dying too young and the Synxsole team cannot stay silent and watch it happen. We’re here to raise funds for all the men in our lives, whether they suffer from testicular or prostate cancer, or need assistance with mental health issues and suicide prevention.

On a personal note, we wouldn’t be where we are without the men in our lives and the support they’ve given us as we embarked on this crazy Synxsole journey. In particular, our husbands, fathers and brothers in law have stood by us and encouraged us every step of the way. And as mothers of sons, we want to make a positive change for the future of our kids and all the little boys growing up to be men.

While we can’t grow a mo ourselves, we’re still mo-tivated to support this incredible cause for men’s health. For every pair of Synxsole Everyday and Synxsole Kids shoe inserts that we sell online in November, we’ll donate $1 to the cause.

Stop men dying too young by supporting Movember.

Movember helps to tackle men’s health on a global scale by raising funds for projects around the world. You can get involved in a number of ways including:

1. Grow your mo

Sign up to grow. Whether it’s a Handlebar, Pencil, English, Fu Manchu or Walrus mo… grow it, groom it, tame it and own it for 30 days. Snap some pics and raise some funds – every little bit helps!

2. Take the move challenge

Sign up and take the move challenge for Movember. You can choose your own goal: compete at a higher level, try a new sport or activity, wear fancy dress for a sports event or beat your own personal best. No matter how you choose to move, you can raise funds for men’s health.  

3. Host an event

Sign up to create your event, get party planning and raise funds for men’s health. Host a BBQ, a work function or community event – you’re only limited by your own imagination!

4. Buy Synxsole

Synxsole shoe inserts are designed by podiatrists and loved by feet. Give your feet the support and cushioning they need while also raising funds for Movember! Synxsole will donate $1 for every pair of Synxsole sold online during November.

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