Sole Wellness Podcast E7 : 7 things you can do to fix your heel pain right now

Sole Wellness Podcast E7 : 7 things you can do to fix your heel pain right now

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Heel pain is the MOST common concern that we deal with at the clinic and is ALSO one of the most searched problems on Google. 

What is causing it?

How can I prevent it?

Do I need orthotics forever?

Today I am sitting down and walking you through each type of heel pain that you might be experiencing and the steps you can take to fix those pesky problems. 

By the end of this episode you’ll know:

👟 Which specialists should you see for each problem

👟 How to know when your pain is related to a stiff muscle or something else

👟 Why your heel pain might not be coming from your feels at all

👟The risk with cortisone injections and what you should know before you try them

I also answer some of your frequently asked questions:

  • Should you walk barefoot with heel pain?
  • What shoes should you avoid?
  • And does everyone need orthotics and do you need to wear them forever?

If you want to learn more about what to look for when you’re next out shoe shopping, queue my episode 4 Steps to Finding the Perfect Shoes next. 

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