Sole Wellness Podcast Episode 2

Sole Wellness Podcast E2: 4 Steps to Finding the Perfect Shoes!

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70% of the problems I saw come into the clinic could often be prevented by wearing the right shoes.

And by “right shoe” I don’t mean that you have to wear dorky shoes that you HATE or even ditch your high heels. 

When clients come to me that are trying to invest in the foot health they often buy the most expensive shoe they can find because ‘it must be better for you right?’ but you can save so much time, money and so many future problems by using this four step process to test whether your shoes should go on your feet or stay on the shelf.

This episode is for you if you…

👣 You have constant pain in your feet but don’t know WHERE to start

👣 Shoe shopping is a daunting process that you’d rather avoid (we’ve all been there!)

👣 Want to know which kind of shoes you should be buying for your children

Shoes mentioned throughout this episode:

Neutral running shoes:

  • ASICS (Cumulus, Nimbus)
  • Brooks (Ghost, Glycerin)
  • New Balance

Other shoes:

  • Hokas
  • Nike Pegasus (passes the support test)
  • Baird Footwear
  • Frankie Footwear

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