5 Reasons why you should wear insoles

5 Reasons why you should wear insoles

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  1. Prevention is better than cure. More often than not, it’s not until we experience pain before we decide to take action. It is much better to take necessary steps to avoid painful conditions developing in the first place. By wearing insoles daily and supporting your body from the ground up, you are giving your muscles and joints the best possible protection against shock and impact experienced during normal everyday activity. Insoles can also assist relieve existing conditions by providing comfort, support and alignment.

  2. Not all shoes are supportive. We live in a lifestyle where we have an endless array of shoe choices. We have the biggest range of colours and styles to choose from and although it is trendy to wear your active wear while you are not exercising, it doesn’t always mean you are wearing the most supportive sneakers either.

    Often the free-running style of sneakers can encourage too much flexibility through the arch and cause mayhem with foot function, including plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Insoles can support your arch, reduce flexibility in the shoe and improve stability which is vital. Insoles can also be worn in unsupportive shoes to increase support including canvas style shoes, dress shoes and certain types of sandals.

    Also… wearing insoles reduces some wear and tear experienced by shoes, resulting in longer lasting shoes, so less money is spent buying new ones!
  1. You only get two feet – look after them. Healthy lifestyle choices are definitely trending right now and people are becoming more aware of taking care of their health in their younger years to reap the rewards later in life. So it’s never been more important to look after our feet during all that activity. This is yet another reason parents need to be more aware of making the right choices for their children’s feet to avoid damage later in life. By wearing insoles and supporting your feet and your children’s feet, you have less chance of developing complications later in life.

  2. We all deserve to have comfortable feet. Why suffer aches and pains when you can have comfortable feet all the time, right? Insoles can assist in reducing aches and pains and prevent overuse of muscles in the feet that can cause pain and inflammation.

  3. Make your shoes last longer. Abnormal wearing of shoes is a common reason they have to go in the bin even though they look perfectly ok on the outside. Abnormal wear patterns are a result of instabilities or abnormal walking patterns, so by improving stability and alignment we can improve abnormal wear patterns and increase the lifespan of the sole of your shoes.