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I’m Rachael Ferguson, award-winning entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of SynxBody, sports podiatrist, and Shark Tank alum with Andrew Banks' investment. I’m going to be talking to experts in their field to understand what is actually happening to our bodies and how YOU can take action now so that you can take control of your own body and choose to walk a new path (yes there are going to be lots of podiatry puns) .

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Welcome to Sole Wellness

It’s FINALLY HERE! I’ve wanted to start this podcast for a VERY long time. Before I started SynxBody I was a podiatrist for years and so often I’d have clients come to me that had been in pain for YEARS. Our entire body is interconnected, and everything from the food you eat to the shoes you wear affects your health. In this podcast, I’ll talk to experts about what’s really happening in our bodies and how to take action now to elevate your health, maintain fitness, and boost your energy. Hit follow so you don’t miss our mind-blowing first guest!


SynxBody: The Appearance on Shark Tank That Revolutionised Foot Health

One of the questions I get asked ALL the time, is how did you get on Shark Tank? What happened? And now that SynxBody is stocked around Australia and soon to be the world the second question people are most curious about is what I did before this! Before SynxBody, I faced chronic pain and tried everything until one unexpected solution cured me for good. In this podcast, I share my story, the overlooked issue that affected my son, and the transformative habit that changed my life and business.


4 Steps to Finding the Perfect Shoes!

70% of the problems I saw in the clinic could often be prevented by wearing the right shoes. By "right shoe," I don’t mean dorky shoes or ditching high heels. Clients often buy the most expensive shoes they can find because ‘it must be better for you right?’. But you can save time, money, and future problems with this four-step process to test if your shoes should go on your feet, or stay on the shelf. Shoes mentioned include ASICS , Brooks, New Balance, Hokas, Nike Pegasus, Bared Footwear, and Frankie Footwear.


The REAL Reason You’re Not Sticking to Your Goals with Dr. Gina Cleo

Hands up and step away from the cookie jar! How many times have you done something like it was on autopilot? Or you want to start exercising and getting up earlier but just can’t seem to make the habit stick. In this podcast, we’re joined by Dr. Gina Cleo, one of Australia’s leading experts in habit change. Gina, who holds a PhD in habits, specialises in sustainable health and well-being, and has just released her book ‘The Habit Revolution’. We’ll discuss what it actually takes to set or break a habit, and how to make long-lasting changes.

Sole wellness podcast episode 4

Are You Wasting Money On Supplements? & How to Train For Your First Event with Gaby Villa

How much impact does what you eat REALLY have on your body, mental state, and performance? Gaby Villa, a sports nutritionist and founder of IntensEATfit, specialises in optimising athletes' performance through nutrition. With a master's in Exercise and Health, and expertise in the psychology of weight loss, she has helped hundreds, including former world record holder Phil Gore, enhance their energy and gut health. Gaby shares insights on balancing life and training, anti-inflammatory foods, and smart supplement use. Her advice benefits everyone, not just athletes, in achieving daily vitality and well-being.

Sole Wellness Podcast ep 5 What Should You Look For In A Podiatrist & When To Go?

What Should You Look For In A Podiatrist & When To Go?

What do podiatrists actually do; and when should you see them?

In this podcast, I’m answering a question that so many of you have asked, and that is how do I know whether I should see a podiatrist OR another health professional?

Podiatrists have trained for 4 years in Australia, and although they are foot health professionals, that's not all they look after and can help with.

sole wellness podcast ep6 Is Your

Is Your "Normal" Really Normal? Functional Testing & Taking Back Control with Chantel Ryan

Ever feel like your blood tests say everything's fine, yet you still feel awful? Or maybe you’ve been suffering from stomach issues since you can remember but it’s always been dismissed as IBS?

This episode dives into Functional Testing with Chantel Ryan, a naturopath and wellness coach who sheds light on why conventional medicine might miss the root cause of your health struggles. Functional Testing is a form of naturopathy that gets into the nitty gritty of HOW and WHY your body is reacting negatively. Using tests like microbiome mapping, genetic testing and the DUTCH test, Chantel explains how you can use naturopathy to isolate your problems so that you can work towards better health.

Sole Wellness Podcast ep07 - 7 things you can do to fix your heel pain right now

7 things you can do to fix your heel pain right now

Heel pain is the MOST common concern that we deal with at the clinic and is ALSO one of the most searched problems on Google.
What is causing it?
How can I prevent it?
Do I need orthotics forever?

In this episode of Sole Wellness, I am walking you through each type of heel pain that you might be experiencing and the steps you can take to fix those pesky problems.

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